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Walk and Talk - Azores
Architecture Competition  .  Açores  .  2020   

This is a proposal that lives from the context. Cultural, programmatic and temporal context, but also, and essentially, its physical and spatial context. A challenging square, with countless constraints, but to which this proposal refuses to turn its back.

The answer comes from a point. A new meeting, departure and arrival point, but above all, an artistic confluence point. The curve is born from the point. Inscribed in a circumference, it generates a new centrality that is established from that point and in an open relationship with the square. The curve will be the strongest gesture of this pavilion, it comes alive and gains body, enough to generate paths and spaces, speed and pause, walk and talk.

From centrality, decentralization takes place, the focus of events moves to the curve and, suddenly, the square and the curve are inhabited simultaneously, in a logic of continuity that privileges the use of the curve as an integral part of the square, and the use of the square as a continuity of the curve. It is at the heart of this curve that everything happens, a large covered space with a central stage, with enough flexibility to accommodate all the main dynamics of the festival, where people speak, sing, eat, dance, play (...). No less important are the arms of this curve, which embrace the square, guide the visitor and provide the necessary support for the festival's signage and communication, as well as the fixation of other diverse artistic expressions, as an open air gallery.


So is this organism, which without any fixation to the ground or any other element from the square, is assumed to be free and ephemeral, although apparent by its attitude an inseparable part of this square.

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