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(...)" we always want to see what is hidden by what we see." - René Magritte

about pema studio

Essential architecture seeks serenity, a sense of belonging.

It makes you think more about your real needs, with attitude, stimulating creativity and critical thinking.


pema studio is a nonconformist architecture studio, lead by Tiago Pedrosa Martins. 

A sensitive, challenging and committed approach, but also relaxed and uncomplicated.

At  pema studio,  where art,  identity and madness meet,  we would love to meet you, have a nice chat, and provide you with some great architecture. |  Tel: +351 91 424 40 80

Avenida 4 de Abril de 1955, 600, Aves | Plataforma das Artes, Lab.5, Guimarães

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