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Roriz Social Project
Public Facilities  .  Santo Tirso  .  2016  .  Completed   
“Roriz Social Project”  take place to serve the population.  The  study focused on public  use  sanitary  facilities in need of urgent intervention.
A previously degraded and dysfunctional space  whose requalification is based on three fundamental principles:  the space  functionality, the  limit budget  imposed and respect  for the context,  spirit and history  of  this place.  The project  entire  development  came  from  a clear  functional problem,  the access  to a  storage  room,  made  through the  entrance  into the men's toilets.  In  response  to  this problem,  the project was developed around the creation of a single entrance into the building, which assumes itself as an extension of the public road to its interior and gives direct access to the storage room,  it's  through  this  new "inner street" that the access to the men's  and  women's  toilets is made. The choice for the stabilized oxidized iron grid  arises  from the historical context  of this old building, an old chain  of this region  of which still  remains  the heavily  oxidized grid  in the small windows. The monolithic  granite  washbasin,  an  abundant  stone  in  this  region,  assumes an imposing  form  and translates  the craftsmanship  of working  on stone,  an art  once  common in the people of this place, currently in extinction.
Added to this,  is the will to do something  contemporary, provocative and relaxed,  that can challenge the typical local public work paradigm.
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