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Future Classroom Lab
School Instalation  .  Vila das Aves  .  2018  .  Completed   

Future Classroom Lab presents itself as a distinct space.
In order to instill in students  and teachers  a different approach to the concept of teaching,  it is not enough  to  verbalize  this  intention.   The  room  seeks  for  its  physical  and  spatial  materialization to convey this idea of innovation.

The concept is quite simple,  an illuminated cloud that hangs on the ceiling and divides the space,  not with physical barriers, but with different volumetries and shades, which from the ceiling differentiate, in a subtle and flexible way, the various areas of learning.  White unifies the space.  The light invades in a  diffuse way.  The fabric reflects the  sound and  enhances  the  acoustics.  The cork on the floor gives off a warm and comfortable feeling.

A unique, strange, disquieting space. May, when entering this new space, no one feels indifferent but everyone feels comfortable. May it induce reflection, criticism, creativity and, above all, open horizons.

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